Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides photographs that will be used for my webpage on ?

You can provide your own pictures or we will provide pictures to represent the items on your menu.



How long does it take to be setup on

The setup of a restaurant’s webpage takes approximately 5 days provided you supply us with all the names, prices and pictures of items in your menu that you want on your page. You will receive promotional materials for your restaurant within 14 days of signing up for the service.



How do I send you my menu ?

You can send us your menu items, prices and pictures of the items via email to



What are the benefits of partnering with besides the service being cheaper than the competition?

In addition to being cheaper we also give our merchants free use of our digital loyalty card platform. So they can start operating a digital loyalty card program to increase revenues in their restaurant.



How much of the loyalty card services are free?

The online version of the loyalty card program is offered for free. With our Abbri branding. However customized printed loyalty cards, posters, etc. are available for purchase.


Can I use my own tablet?

Yes, you can use your own tablet to receive orders . Alternatively you can rent a tablet from us. 



What do equipment does my restaurant need to get started?

  • A stable highspeed internet connection
  • A tablet to receive orders 
  • A thermal printer that connects to the tablet via Bluetooth or Ethernet is also recommended.
Who provides the equipment that I need?
You can rent the equipment from us or you can use your own equipment.